Xbox 360 games 09

So Cody is a smart guy for his birthday in June he asked everyone if your getting me a gift, get me a gift card to best buy or game stop.So now he is using his birthday money to buy him the new 2009 games like college football and tiger woods adn some that i don't know if they are out yet so any wasy he ahs been in some little spare time that we ahve is playing his games. Some people say if you buy it that is all that they will do. Well i guess i am lucking cause Cody is very good about playing it when i am doing something else and he has his own time to play but doesn't he look so cute in the cuddler playing


Jones said...

That's hilarious!I hope Kevin doesn't read this post and get any ideas! That's so good that he has been good about playing at good times! What a great husband!

Dominoe said...

Smart guy! And I really like your cuddler - we need one of those!