Krystal and I have been friend since
we were about 10 years old and her and
Jordan have been together since 9Th grade.
So it was always us three we were the
three Musketeers. Jordan just got home
from his Mission and THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED
on September 4th!!! yeah and and i am so happy for
Krytsal love ya like a sister can't wait to be there
in the temple with you and jordan
This is there Wedding Announcement are they CUTE couple!!


Alison said...

They are a super cute couple!

Love the blue feet! Looks like you guys had lots of fun. And congrats on your yard! You've got a great worker doing it for you!

Holly said...

I think they are SUPER cute... but I'm a little biased. haha! :) It will be fun to see you at the wedding!

McClellan Construction INC said...

Hey what stuff did you want from Vegas? I can only buy there samples at the show if they will sell them to me. However, if I have an account open with the company you want to order from I can get it anytime, but it has to ship to the store address. Does that make sense? Anyway, let me know what you want!

Jones said...

Hello! I am super excited that you found my blog! Your blog is sooo cute! How exciting that your best friend is getting married. Now you guys can be even greater friend with your friend!I can't wait to hear more about your family!

Womack Family said...

Have fun at the wedding. They look so happy!! You did a great job on your blog....sorry it's been a while.