Well I my cousin Trey took some time out of his busy dating life to visit his old married cousin in little Victor Idaho for the first time and My Aunt Margene. So i met them in IDaho Falls for lunch with my ohter Aunt and Uncle Ron ANd Ellie also latter Roger Hampton Family beofre they were headed down to Utah to do some school shopping

Well we got a milkshake and saw the golf course

and spa in the Ladies Locker Room there is everything you need to get ready so we tried the Mouthwash.

Got some pizza and just hung out and visited.

well Cody sprayed chemical on the course that has blue dye in it so he knows where he has sprayed and where he needs to. Well that night we went to the putting green and took off our shoes to feel that grass and how soft it. Latter that night i saw my moms feet and said "Mom your feet are gross" well Margene said " so are yours Jill" so i looked at mine and paused and said "HOLY CRAP!!!" it is from the course it this the stuff Cody sprayed so Margene looked quickly at hers and hers where even bluer than ours.

So we Laughed for a good 5 minutes i even got some tears
But we had pretty Painted Toes

to was great to have them up for a quick over night visit.


Kaaiakamanu Family said...

Thats fun that Trey and Margene got to stay with you guys. I wish we could've spent more time with everyone. You should post some pictures of your guys new house, I've never seen it. Maybe I'll have to come up and visit some day, I love that area its so pretty, we could go to Jackson or something.

Dominoe said...

How fun! I so wish I could've been there! My mom has told me about your spa a few times. You guys will just have to come to St. Louis and I'll treat you here!

Holly said...

That is so funny! I miss the "Hampton" Fam! LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Margene and your mama! Looks like you guys had fun and wore Mr. Trey right out! :)

Trav and Kris said...

I love the green feet picture! So cute!

Womack Family said...

That looked like so much fun. I'm so glad that you had visitors. It makes all the difference. I love the Hampton's.