Two sista

Erin i am so proud and look up to you your the best friend and sista i could ever ask for good luck with the delivery on the baby can't wait to see him


Amber said...

Jill - Love the blog!! Thanks for all your help with Enrichment!!

Womack Family said...

Sisters...Sisters...There were never ever better sisters... (watch "Holiday Inn" with Bing Crosby, I think).
Seriously though, you two make a neat duo. Not unlike Batman and Joker, or Spider Man and Doc Oc.


Holly said...

Look how cute you two are! Erin is such a cute pregnant lady! LOVE IT! I can't wait until she posts pics on her blog of her new little guy! Looks like you guys had a fun get together! :) Jill, you live in the most beautiful place in the world!