Sunday Family Fun

Cody's Mom and Step dad just enjoying the wonderful sun shine!
Grandma Hastings and me, my Sweet friend in victor!

Lets make s'more

If Reegan doesn't eat all the chocolate first

The next famous golfers we like to start young in our family

Reegan loved the fried chicken if you can't tell

Cody and Hayli having a tramp handstand competition Cody did the best
Sunday Famous Fried Chicken by Grandpa Hastings

Thanks everyone for a wonderful memory and so much fun family is the best thing!!!


Womack Family said...

Jiller, You're holding my little one right now and so I thought that I would take the time to say Thank you! My family had sooooo much fun. We love your family, they're very welcoming and fun. Thank you for spending your day off with me at the hospital. You're a wonderful sister, and you'll be a wonderful mom. Love ya!!

jason hampton said...

Man you guys look like your having a great time without me. Looks like your missing me lots. I hope Cody's ready to play a game of golf. The pictures look great, the greens look good and cya on the fourth!