Stillwaters Spa

The Front Desk where i will work a bit and guest check in/out

This is the salon where i spend most of my time with hair and nails

Lady's Locker room where there is a steam room and showers and where the guest changes in to a robe and sandals

The relaxation lounge where you would wait for the therapist to come and get you

the treatment rooms there is a couples,a wet treatment room ,our specialty room with the tub and we have 4 massage rooms

The mans Locker room also has a steam room and showers but not as big as the lady


Jesse & Lisa Marcial said...

WOW Jill you take some great pictures of the spa, you should've been the photographer for the brochures =). I'm glad I get to work with you all the time I think I would've gone mad by now if I didnt have a friend like you there.

Alison said...

Hi Jill! I'm glad to know you have a blog! It's been fun looking at it. You and Cody are so cute. Congrats on being a new aunt. Your baby nephew is darling! Have a super day!

Trav and Kris said...

Woot woot...what a nice place to work seniorita! You pullin' down some pretty decent bucks?!?

Trav and Kris said...

P.S. Do y'all use the Pureology line? Is that what I'm seeing?

jrnelson said...

Wow, that spa/salon is amazing! I would love to come see you and have something done. Is is just for members? My guess is yes? Anyway, I loved all your posts. Have a great day!

Skyler and Liza said...

Hey Jill, I found you on Sarah's blog. How is everything going? You obviously have changed spa's now...or did they re-model? WOW! It looks great! I wished I was still living they need an aesthetician?!? :D Keep in touch! Check out our