Elder patterson's family tease

So Cody's brother is coming home soon from his mission he has served in Zimbawe Africa.So we got his email this week and cody calls me up and asked if i have read tylers email yet? i said no why? he said just read it and call me back.

so from tylers email it said
"we have been beating ourselves over who the new assistant could be and we cant come up with it. so president bester asked me today to extend my mission for a month. 30 days, until someone we think could be ready for the assignment. instead of coming home november 4th. i will be there the first of December. i had to say yes and accept because there is nothing else to do. and when achurch leader asks you to do something then you just must do it. i know you were loojking forward to seeing me home and i was excited and still am excited but it will be another month"

Well i started to get teary eyed and than i read the last part of the letter where he said

"oh yeah sorry to say but i was just kidding about my mission being extended. that was a joke. sorry. i dont know if you believed me or not. but i am coming home on the 4th of novemeber well the 5th."

So than i called cody back and siad that was not very funny and i know all his family said they fell for it and they had mixed feelings they were mad and crying and his sister just got up and left the room when she read that so he got us all. but we are so EXCITED to see him on November 5th.


Trav and Kris said...

What a mean and nasty trick! I'm glad y'all will get to see your elder soon though!

Angie & Neal said...

That is a mean joke! Glad he's coming home soon though! By the way Miss Jill I tagged you check out my blog for the rules :)

Amy Joffee said...

Hey Jill and Cody, thanks for coming to stay with us last weekend! It was great to see you guys. It's been a long time since we've all moved around. Hope things go well for you guys...sorry about the flat tire(s). I heard about the second one on your way home...what a nightmare!

Take care

Womack Family said...

Jill that was too funny. I'm excited for you and cody to have him home. Love ya