happy two years

our baby is turning two and man can't believe that it has been that long . We are so excited to celebrate such a wonderful day. Our daughter is growing up so much and quick. she is so smart and understands things. We find each day something new she tells us or shows us it is so fun to see how she grows.
We had such a fun friend and family birthday party. It was a TOTAL PRINCESS PARTY!!!! pink and purple all over!! Jada wore her Cinderella dress and was a pretty princess , Her little friends were so cute and kind to come play. OUr dear friend helped me so much to pull the party together she made this wonderful cake & cake pops, and so much more tanks Whit.
we blew bubbles and the princesses loved it, and we had a pinata which was harder to break than i thought. Yummy Crown sandwhiches, fairy godmother treats, bibbty bobbity boo wands, and glass slipper pillows.


Sandy M. said...

So adorable Jill!! I'm so happy all is going so well for you all! :) Jada looks as though she had a ball!
Thank you for the great photos :)

(We have a new Blog (Abby, Tammy and me, if you'd like to visit :) it's here: http://patchesofheaven.blogspot.com.au/)


Krystal Keck said...

You always know how to throw a party! So cute everything. Love and miss you! Want to see you guys soon!:)