little model

this was her christmas outfit, we straighten her hair again and i did it all by myself. Jada just sat there watching tv, she is so wonderful in letting me do her hair.


Sarah said...

She is darling! What a cute little outfit. I love it. :)

Kyle and Hayley said...

How sweet! She has gotten so big and her hair looks soo cute!!

Jessica said...

Hi Jill! This is Jessica Driggs. I hope you don't mind me leaving a comment. I have to laugh because I am asked ALL THE TIME if I know little Jada. My brother-in law, Aaron, talked to you at the ice sculptures and then my little boy Kayden, said he saw Jada (and you) on Sunday when he was out in the hall with Ava. So.... I thought I would drop in and say HELLO!!!! I am thinking Ava and Jada will be great friends!
Email me ( and I will send an invite over to you for my blog. At least we can know eachother through there, and maybe get together for a playdate soon??!!