Family Vacation

Cody had a four day weekend off of work so we wanted to go play and play we did. Friday we went to Utah stayed with Aunt Brenda (Cody's Aunt) and her family. They have a grandson about six months old. His name is Ty, Jada and Him played and had a fun time sharing toys.

Jada and Cody's Cousin Danielle feeding Jada her bottle. Ty and Jada it was so much fun to hang out. Saturday we went to My Cousin Trey's Wedding and that was so much fun to see all my family i hadn't seen in awhile, also Jada met a few new family members. The wedding was wonderful and we had a great weekend in Utah.

Jada did great on the drive the last half hour was the hardest so Cody and i sang to her all the different songs she likes. We also sang The dog BINGO which was a new song and boy did she like that she was clapping and doing her dance.

The weekend wasn't over there we drove back and had a dinner for Grandma Hampton's BIRTHDAY !!!! than grandma Terri was off of school still so we went up there to hang out. Blaykli was there cause her parents went on a vacation. We had the two babies and they were so much fun together. Monday we went to Idaho Falls, but first the girls had to take a bath together. Than off to ... TOYS R US and played with all the toys, went to the mall in their NEW matching strollers. While we are in the car the would talk to each other and share toys, and mostly talk back and forth to one another. SOOOO CUTE!!!!

ALL weekend Jada was giving KISSES to Blaykli and Blaykli sort of let her do it. it was funny to watch casuse Jada just wouldn't give one she give about three or four one right after the other.

Also Grandpa Patterson hung with us also and there are some more pictures but they are on Cody phone so coming soon:)

After we got home of course we had Laundry to do and I had it all folded and Jada thought she was going to help by taking the clothes out. Such a big help !!!!