Jada has been growing

We have been just going and going and so this post is going to be long just a heads up.

Jada in another Sunday Dress,

Jada got a bunny from Grandpa Patterson for easter and i think she likes it!

We also spent the night at Grandma Terri house. Her and Hayli had Cheer practice that night so we went and had so much fun. Blayki and Jada had fun hanging out.

Jada loves going to Grandma & pa Hastings. they love having her to who won't right :)
so i came to pick her up and she is in the bucket of the tractor so CUTE!!
Also she loves to hang out while Grandma does the dishes, she is a big help.


Logan and Tanya said...

Love it, Jill! We miss our Jada!