Change of Mind

So Cody and I got back from his game around 1:30 A.M. yes in the morning, but I wanted to watch the final Bachelor, so I stayed up until 3:30 A.M. to finish it and I am so glad I did, what a shocker. I feel so bad for Melissa, My favorite thing she asked him was " so you are not going to fight for us!" wow! Well what a surprise, but Molly was sure HAPPY. I like that when the girl from the last Season came to the house and got SHUT DOWN!! Jason didn't even think twice about her! So I am wanting to know what happens next with Jason and Molly! but poor Melissa I really don't think she knew that was going to happen so I feel bad for her.


Class of 2004 said...

I agree, I feel so bad for Melissa. How horrible! I can't even be happy for Molly. I'm happy she doesn't have to hurt anymore. But I can't get over Melissa. I agree with you on what Melissa said about not fighting. I think it is really weak and says a lot about him. I also felt bad when she said that being engaged was a one time thing and he took that from her. Sad, I need a bunch of girls to talk to this about. For now I just have to live with our blogs!!! Thanks for writing!

Brittney said...

sorry class of 2004 is me! :)

Trav and Kris said...'re pregnant??? How exciting!!! I'm soo behind. Congratulations!!! P.S. What the Bachelor??? I can't believe what he did to Melissa. And what is Molly thinking taking him back after he dumped her? Hello???