so i have been hearing and seeing every one read and talk about this Twilight book and now the movie. So i was kinda wanting to start reading the book but of course i haven't yet but after watching the movie which WAS FREAKING AWESOME!! i think i will start reading the second book before they have the second movie come out. i loved all the actors and actress they did amazing job. i liked how Edward was so protective over bella thats wht made it for me.Some people said it was pretty close to the book, but not as good which makes me want to read the next one. The only thing i didn't like was that the movie ended and i wanted it to keep going for a 2 hour long movie it felt like it was only 30 minutes cause i guess it was just so good two thumbs up for TWILIGHT!!!!


Brittney said...

Oh dear... you totally need to read the books. They are AMAZING!!!! Read Twilight tho. And you defiantly have to read New Moon before the next comes out! I can't wait to hear what you think about them!

Aj and Melissa said...'s me...HI! =) I'll have to totally agree-You really need to read the books! I've got them, you can borrow the 1st and see if you like! I'm glad that you liked the movie...a lot of people have said it was pretty dumb. I'm DRAGGING Aj along next weekend to watch it. (he's not very happy about it) but I'm excited!!